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About Us

At Sijnn, everything we do revolves around our unique location and terroir. We believe in natural farming and natural winemaking, and focus our skills on blending Mediterranean-style varieties that are best suited to our climate.

The simple maths

Very poor soils (90% stone) + very low rainfall (350mm)
= Very low vigour & very low yield
  = 100% bush vines & very high quality


David and Rita Trafford discovered the future Sijnn land while on holiday in Malgas in 2000. The soil and landscape reminded them of Portugal and they were immediately intrigued. A purchase agreement and more than 200 soil profiles later, approximately ten hectares of vines were planted and the name Sijnn Wines was appropriated to the venture – fittingly so as the word 'sijnn' is derived from the Khoisan word meaning riverbank. Today Sijnn Wines has become well known for our interesting and bold choices of cultivars and award-winning blends.


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