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Industrial practice - how to write a report, an example of design

The practice report includes detailed information on the work carried out, the knowledge used in practice that was obtained during the training and other important information. During the study, a student undergoes internship several times, and one of them is an internship, which is often carried out after the second or fourth year of the university you can use write my paper service to complete your practice. Upon completion, the student submits to the supervisor a report on the work done with a volume of 21-28 sheets, A4 format. The work practice report is a more complex version of the study practice work, since it is no longer enough to simply observe and describe what has been seen, but it is necessary to analyze the organization's economic activities and provide materials reflecting this work.The procedure for conducting industrial practice The production practice itself is organized directly by universities. First, the heads of the educational and scientific departments of the university work on drawing up a plan for its passage. After that, they move on to searching and negotiating with potential employers and enterprises, organizations where their students will be sent to professional service. After distribution to the places of internship, a leader from the university is attached to the group of students. He draws up individual tasks and controls the process, holding a conference at the end, i want give a look to web service. The student must submit a report to the supervisor within 5-7 days after the internship at the enterprise. The duties of the student during the internship include:

  • comply with the work schedule;

  • work on an individual task;

  • fill out a practice diary;

  • do not violate the rules established by the employer or organization;

  • prepare and submit a practice report.

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